Tactical Cut proof, slash and Zombie proof Kevlar T-shirt

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The first Zombie proof  shirt. Made of Kevlar Doupont Cut resistant LEV.2.Protect from KNIFE slash, brocken BOTTLE slash, Human BITES , NAILS scratch , rush and abrasion.

Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber, related to other aramids such as Nomex and Technora. Developed by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont in 1965



Ho!!Stile developed a special long sleeve shirt made of 100% Kevlar DuPont  Fabric 270 GMS extreme comfortable to wear , it looks like a traditional long sleeve T-shirt, but it protects you from knives slash, cutters, broken bottles and blades slash, nails scratches and bites. 

Perfect for door keepers, security personnel and anyone who operate in unsafe areas. 



BLADE CUT RESISTANCE TEST  -  EN 388:2003 (E) 6.2 – Level 2 –

Kevlar is the perfect for operators who need to keep a Low Profile, it looks like a regular long sleeve shirt, it is comfortable to wear , only 270 gsm fabric. The right compromise between discretion and protection grade Lev.2. 




 Who needs this shirt?

     -       Law enforcement operators

     -   Security Operators

     -   Bouncers and door keepers

     -   Medical first respond operators

     -   Who is afraid of ZOMBIE 

     -   Animal rescue operators 



 Why you need this shirt?


Are you a cop or a soldier? 

Do you work in high risk areas wearing a bullet proof vest?

This shirt is perfect to wear under the bullet proof vest to maximize the protection in case of knife aggressions or aggressions with random sharped objects.


Are you a bouncer or door keeper? 

Ho!!Stile Kevlar shirt looks like a normal black shirt, its comfortable to wear and it can protect you from knives slash, broken bottles slash, nails scratch, bites.


Are you scared about zombies?

Wearing Ho!!Stile Kevlar shirt you will be safe from the dangerous bites that can transform you into a walking dead.




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