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Fight shorts MMA Pro Striker U-CAMO

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Fight shorts MMA Pro Striker, made of satin (satin) of the highest quality, with elastic lycra inserts. Ultralight breathable fabric, double velcro with closure.

Design specifically designed for the MMA fighters who love stand-up fights, but their wearability makes them exceptional also as a garment for Grappling, CrossFit, Bjj no Gi.

Exclusive design in 101% Ho"Style.

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Shorts-MMA Pro Striker U-CAMO, made of high quality SATIN with Lycra elastic side sections. Light fabric double velcro band.Designed for natural born stand up MMA fighters, but perfect also for GRAPPLING , CROSSFIT, BJJ No-Gi. 
Exclusive hO!!Stile design U-CAMO color, 101% hO!!Stile