Magnetotherapy T-Shirt post workout relax and recovery

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Our newest, high-tech apparel designed for versatility, comfort and circulation.

The HO.STILE Magnetic Fiber T-Shirt is 100% mercerized cotton with integrated magnetic fiber and strategically-placed bio-magnetic plates in its design.

Our special mercizered finishing​ allows for increased breathability, superior comfort and advanced water-absorption. This makes the HO.Stile Magnetic T-Shirt a tactical choice for those operating in varied, austere environments. Stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold. The added elasticity minimizes any constriction in your movement while preserving the material over time.

Our magnetic fiber blend with bio-magnetic plates​ is the cutting edge of sophisticated apparel design. The magnetic fiber blend has strategically-placed plates at acupuncture points to facilitate a changeable energy field to improve blood circulation. The incorporated magnetic therapy strengthens your metabolism, regulates your central and autonomic nervous systems, and relieves you of joint soreness and muscle stiffness.

The HO.STILE Magnetic Fiber T-Shirt​ is the highest-grade product of its kind. It’s sophisticated design ensures you perform at the highest levels in all environments. Breathe better. Move better. Feel better.

Read more on Magnetic Therapy here. (Link)

Mercerized Cotton

  • ●  Soft, light, and comfortable.

  • ●  Often called Pearl Cotton for it’s deep, lustrous appearance

  • ●  Stronger than conventional cotton thread

  • ●  Process shrinks cotton fibers to tighten and smooth grain of thread

  • ●  Preshrunk for increased confidence in size choice

  • ●  Can be used as under or outerwear

  • Bio-Magnetic Fiber and Plates

  • ●  Strategically embedded bio-magnets on key, acupuncture points on shoulder, abdomen, waist, heart, and female lactiferous ducts.

  • ●  Neodymium-iron-boron (NeFeB) Magnet type

  • ●  1100 Guass Magnet strength

  • ●  N-S magnetic field to generate multi-level magnetic-curves

  • ●  Effectively promote blood circulation and microcirculation

  • ●  Improve metabolism

  • ●  Regulate the central nervous system autonomic nervous system

  • ●  Relieve swelling, pain and muscle stiffness

    Size: M , L , XL 

    • Washing Instructions
    • ●  Hand wash or gentle cycle under 30°C (86°F).
    • ●  Dry cleaning is NOT applicable. Natural dry in room temperature.

    • ●  Avoid heat and direct sunlight.


    • ●  Not recommended for pregnant women

    • ●  Do not weather if using a pacemaker or other electronic devices

    • ●  Take caution for patients with heart failure, malignancy, activity phthisic.

    • ●  Take caution for patients with bleeding disorders.

    • ●  Keep distance from mobile phone, watch, magnetic card and the like.

    • ●  Please consult doctor if necessary.

    Magnetic Therapy benefits and overview

    Magnetic therapy​ is an alternative treatment for increased blood circulation and microcirculation by placing magnets on or near the body. It is similar to electromagnetic therapy (EMT) in that it generates a static electromagnetic field. Reported benefits include increased metabolism, regulation of the central and autonomic nervous systems, relieved joint and muscle pain, and decreased symptoms of insomnia, headaches and Fibromyalgia pain.

    Magnetic therapy primarily works to increase blood flow by working on hemoglobin -- the blood protein that carries oxygen. When oxygenated, hemoglobin is diamagnetic, and when deoxygenated, it is paramagnetic. The magnetic polarity inherent in hemoglobin is thus affected by the use of magnetic therapy.

    The human body is also surrounded and penetrated by bioenergetic fields. Alternative medical practioners often refer to these biofields as one’s life force or chi. The use of magnets is believed to manipulate these fields thus drawing one’s body into greater alignment with its bioenergetic field.

    Magnetic therapy is an ancient practice used throughout the centuries in the treatment of various maladies -- primarily in Asia and Europe. While the use of magnetic therapy lack conventional scientific evidence proving its efficacy, thousands worldwide throughout the millennia have reported its health benefits and aid in healing.

    Magnets used in this alternative therapy are static magnets often referred to as permanent magnets. More common magnets used for treatment range in strength from 400 - 800 Gauss.

    A neodymium magnet (NeFeB)​ is a permanent magnet made of alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. It was developed by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals in 1984 and is the strongest permanent magnets available for commercial use.

    Common types of magnetic therapy involve wearing permanent magnets in the form of jewelry, straps and shoe insoles as well as weaving permanent magnets into sheets, blankets and mattresses. Recent innovation in magnet therapy has led to the development of magnetic creams, supplements and even magnetized water.

    Magnetic therapy is largely considered a safe practice, but those with underlying health conditions are advised to consult with their physician. Pregnant women, wearers of pacemakers and other electronic devices, and people with bleeding disorders are advised not to engage in magnetic therapy.

    For those looking for a tactical, convenient way to incorporate magnetic therapy into their lives, check out our newest, high-tech apparel designed for versatility, comfort and circulation.

    The HO.STILE Magnetic Fiber T-Shirt is 100% mercerized cotton with integrated magnetic fiber and strategically-placed bio-magnetic plates in its design.


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