BJJ Gi 1Roll BLUE Resilience


Bjj Gi 1 Roll Resilienza, BLUE color red stitching, a top quality fabric Gi perfect in all details. Light weight for competition short jacket and sleeves that do not leave easy grips compliance to standard IBJJF. 

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Ho!!Stile BJJ Gi 1Roll is a kimono made of top quality materials :

- 375 gms HIGH TECH PEARL WAVE Jacket
- Rubberished collar
to prevent sweat and bacteria absorption
- Ho!!Stile high quality embrodery and Ho!!Stile signature patches
- Triple stiched across all stress points
- Lightweight 10 Oz. pants, double reinforced knee padding and triple stiched across all stress points. Rope drawstring for tighter fastening of the pants and perfect comfort.
-Ho!!stile signature strips along sleeve edges and pants edges

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